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The history of Retribution
  By Jander, Rovell, Konig [updated July 22, 2006]

The gaming history of Retribution

- Dark Age of Camelot
- Starwars Galaxies
- Lineage II
- World of Warcraft
- Warhammer Online

Nimue Chapter I
- Retribution Nimue

Retribution was formed in 2001 by Dark Age of Camelot players from the Guinevere and Percival servers, lead by Jander. When the Nimue server launched, a few members chose to move to the brand new server and form their own guild in Hibernia with the goal of being the best at the game's main aspect which is PvP (RvR).

Early Nimue RvR was dominated by Ret's 8-man squad who were also the top Realm Point (RPs) holders for their respective classes until the Mordred Server went live.

Mordred Chapter

When Mordred was released, Retribution moved to this brand new pvp server and immediately began dominating world pvp by taking control of and holding the 6 Relics for the longest time. Unfortunately, misunderstandings between some of the officers and over-recruiting to be able to protect the relics caused distress among the core players who decided to quit Mordred and returned to Nimue. A week after the departure of the Ret core, Retribution on Mordred lost their relics and the original Ret core cut off all ties with the Mordred chapter. The Mordred Retribution, no longer affiliated to us except by name, continued operation for another year.

Nimue Chapter II
- Retribution Nimue

After our adventures on Mordred the core of Retribution returned to Nimue, at first Ret group was casually RvRing with our 8 men squad, but one day Ret leaders decided to bring together all the Hibernia guilds, leave aside our differences and assault the midgard frontier.

We started small by taking Bledmeer Faste and keeping it for a while which motivated more hibs to come out, Retribution held Nottmoor Faste for a straight week and repelled Midgard attackers vastly outnumbering them.

Seeing our success in the frontiers brought more guilds into our alliance. Everyone left their differences aside and banded together under the Ret Alliance which resulted in the whole realm under Ret's leadership assaulting Midgard Frontier day after day and taking 6 relics from Midgard and bringing them back to Hibernia. As a matter of fact we kept breaking down mid relic doors for a straight month after taking the relics and we donated one of the relics to albs instead of taking home so we could retain our relic keep guards.

This was the golden era of hibernia which ended after a few months when mids got about 150 people together and assaulted the relic keeps at 5am.

Nimue Chapter III
- Retribution Nimue

Retribution came back together after a short break for the release of DAoC's newest expansion: The Trials of Atlantis. Retribution went on to pioneer the completion of the Master Levels, trailblazing the way for all other guilds, being the first guild worldwide to complete all levels through ML9. What made this feat even more amazing is the fact that Ret did it with only one group, including the ML9 end-boss, the Pheonix.

Being the first group out in RvR to have all the Master Level Abilities and gear, we decimated the pvp scene by taking full advantage of our unique position. To display how disgustingly powerful these abilities were, Ret took all the Nimue Relics with just one group. This had an adverse effect on the server because as the people who believed that these abilities wouldn't have a great impact on RvR began to see the light, they became discouraged and stopped RvRing until they themselves had the abilities or they stopped playing altogether on Nimue to play elsewhere. In the end, the frontiers were empty for well over a month and the Midgard/Albion populations hit rock bottom which resulted in Retribution becoming bored with the game and leaving DAoC for a few years. This marked the end of Retribution's Nimue chapter.

Lamorak Chapter
- Retribution Lamorak

In the summer of 2005, a group composed of several of Retribution's original DAoC core along with a few new faces from Ret's WoW Chapter, came together to play on one of DAoC's new "Classic" servers: Lamorak. After much debate, the crew decided to play Midgard this time and were amongst the first groups to cap out leveling and hit the RvR scene. It didn't take long for Ret to shed its rust and find its old pvp prowess. We enjoyed a lot of success as a group and topped the overall Guild Realm Point charts with our 8-man during our tenure on the server.

Lamorak was supposed to be the "8v8 gank group" server. Talent from every other server came to Lamorak to compete and the competition was very good until Midgard became a zerg-fest. Certain mediocre groups (<Fury> for example) decided to run with 3-5 groups and roll everything in sight to make up for their inadequacies. This created a more scarce overall RvR scene as Albion and Hibernia groups exiled to the Gareth server. In the end, Retribution picked the wrong realm and while the early days of Lamorak were a lot of fun, we left the server and returned to World of Warcraft atop the Lamorak charts with nothing left to prove.

Lamorak Roster:

Jander [Frostalf Aug Healer] Rovell [Valkyn Bonedancer]
Nico [Troll Warrior] Mylek [Troll 2H Savage]
Stravok [Dwarf Pac Healer] Marzus [Kobold Shaman]
Seren [Norse Skald] Myko [Kobold Warlock]
Larehtiz [Dwarf Berserker] Blacob [Dwarf Savage]

Retribution has been retired from Dark Age of Camelot since October 2005.

In July of 2003 Retribution took a break from Dark Age of Camelot to take on Star Wars Galaxies. Konig, beta tested SWG and proceeded to the guild chapter for SWG. Retribution settled down on the Starsider server. The server was chosen because several other large guilds from EverQuest and Dark Age of Camelot were going to be playing there.

In Retribution fashion the guild flourished and quickly explored and maxed out every aspect of the game. We possessed the top Armor crafter, Weapons Crafter, Architect and Doctor on the server and some of the best fighter designs possible. We decided to setup a guild city on the planet of Dantooine which flourished with all of the progress we made. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the game did not provide anything more for us to do with updates coming too slowly and the PvP system being the way it was Retribution officially left Star Wars Galaxies in September of that same year.

Retribution's history in Lineage II started in August of 2003 when Korean open beta started and Konig played it for a week. 8 months later after defeating TOA and vanquishing all our enemies on Nimue Retribution participated in the Japanese and Taiwanese beta's for Lineage 2.

In April of 2004 Retribution took on Lineage 2 North America on the Bartz server. Competition in the level intensive open pvp environment was fierce and Retribution relished in the challenge. After becoming one of the highest level and most organized clans we participated in wars to defeat rivals. Soon after defeating the largest clan on the server we killed raid bosses Orfen and The Core the first time without exploiting, unlike our competitors did.

During the transition period from Prelude to Chronicle 1 our leader for Lineage 2, Des, vanished. After this time the clan was reorganized with Konig as leader joining the Redemption alliance. Although most Retribution members will depart for World of Warcraft, this alliance would go on to be the most influential in Bartz's 2 year history becoming the first alliance to take a Castle and the best raiding alliance defeating every raid boss including Antharas and Baium.


Retribution's roots in World of Warcraft begin in Closed Beta. When WoW officially launched in November 2004, Retribution chose the Arthas server as its new home. There was much debate about which side to pick. At the time, from our DAoC and closed beta experience, it was thought that like-minded people (gank groups) would choose Horde for its distinct pvp persona, thus going Alliance was thought to be the best course of action if we wanted good pvp competition.

Ret started its official WoW chapter on Day 1 of launch. We were the first guild to form on Arthas. Unfortunately for us, the name Retribution was not available and we opted for "Retribution X". We came to the server with roughly 15-18 members, most of which played with or against us in DAoC along with a few other friends of the guild.

Retribution's early raiding days: Molten Core era

At the time, our objective in WoW was PVP. None of us really experienced any large scale raiding in closed beta and knew very little about it in general. As time went on, Ret members were well ahead of the leveling curve. Nico and Mylek hit 60 first and second on the server. We were the first to kill General Drakkisath and clear UBRS by a long shot ahead of any kind of competition. It became obvious that there was better gear to be had out there and our guild of 15-20 people wasn't large enough to tackle Onyxia or Molten Core so we began selectively recruiting with the goal of being self-sufficient on raids.

Rovell, a long-time friend of Jander's dating back to their EverQuest days, and a newer member to the Retribution fold, making his debut when Ret started playing WoW, was promoted to a position of leadership. Together, their combined raiding experience allowed the guild to position itself for bigger and better things: end-game 40-man raiding.

Our first attempt to venture into Molten Core was in January 2005 in collaboration with PRX. Unfortunately, Raid Lockout Bugs were common back then and our initiative to begin raiding MC was delayed three weeks. By the time we were able to finally venture into MC, bosses started dropping for us rapidly. Our first Lucifron kill was with 28 people on February 8th, 2005. By the end of April, on the 30th, we had killed Ragnaros, a North American/US-Server Top10 kill and an Arthas first, a feat not to be repeated by anybody else on Arthas until a month later.

World Leaders, no Horde city safe

With a lack of content in the game at the time and with a full clear of Molten Core taking only a couple of hours, we had a lot of extra time on our hands following our first Ragnaros kill. Our energies turned towards PVP targets, namely the World Horde City Leaders: Lady Sylvanas of the Undercity, Cairne Bloodhoof of Thunderbluff and Thrall the Warchief of Orgrimmar.

On May 12th, 2005, to very little resistance, we raided Cairne Bloodhoof in Thunderbluff and dispatched Lady Sylvanas in the Undercity. We failed our attempt at the triple crown that evening when we were zerged while doing Thrall. In a bold statement, Ret issued a warning to the Horde of Arthas that Thrall would be dead soon and that his death would occur during prime time EST hours.

Much ridicule by the Horde was had but in the end, a little less than two weeks later, during prime time on May 31 2005, Thrall dropped to 36 Ret members and Orgrimmar was farmed for a good hour AE-style with very little losses on our end. It was an epic, spectacular and very memorable event for the Arthas server. A video of the renaming of Orgrimmar to Retributionforge can be found here.

Blackwing Lair Era

Retribution in WoW was not without its share of growing pains. When Blackwing Lair was released, several of Ret's leaders were playing Dark Age of Camelot on the Lamorak server. A new era of leadership under Soulskill's guidance kept the guild together through hard times and the guild forged forward and progressed through the new dungeon. Any period of uncertainty was finally buried when the other leaders returned from their summer DAoC stint. The two remaining bosses, Chromaggus and Nefarian, were quickly dispatched. Retribution had the 6th North American/US-Server kill of Nefarian and a feeling of "what-if the DAoC crew never left" came over the guild, a worldwide first perhaps?

Ahn'Qiraj Era

No matter the game, Retribution's always hungered to be the best. We wanted the world to know what our guild was capable of and we knew that Ahn'Qiraj would be the platform to do it in. When the questline to open the Gate finally arrived, Ret completed the server's first Scepter of the Shifting Sands only days after it went live. We spearheaded the effort to complete the War Efforts by sponsoring a contest known as the "Ahn'Qiraj Sweetstates" and awarded tens of thousands of gold in prizes of all kinds in an effort to stimulate and motivate the server to complete The War Efforts.

When the Gate of Ahn'Qiraj finally opened, we got down to business and dropped the first six bosses in a matter of days, including the Emporers Vek'Nilash and Vek'Lor. We attained Phase 2 of the C'Thun encounter (final boss) on February 24th, 2006. The encounter had quite a few problems with it and nobody in the world was close to beating it. After much feedback and ranting by the community, Blizzard finally fixed the encounter and on April 25th, 2006, Retribution became the First North American/US-Guild to defeat C'Thun, the end-instance boss. We were 3rd Worldwide.

The next day, another encounter deemed too difficult by Blizzard was hotfixed: Ouro the Sandworm. Having spent quite a bit of time on Ouro in the past as well, we returned on the 26th of April and knew exactly what to do to obtain our very first Worldwide First kill of a worthy Boss by slaying Ouro.

What does the Future hold for Retribution? Time will tell, but the money is on more success.

Naxxramas Era

There is and will be much to write about the Naxxramas Era. To date, the most important is Retribution's move to the Mal'Ganis server, bidding the laggy Arthas a fond farewell. In the past, the linear-nature of the raid dungeons made it a pretty competitive and interesting race to see who would down which bosses first. Naxxramas is different. There is only one boss that matters and that's Kel'Thuzad. We will update in due time.

Retribution Milestones on the Mal'Ganis server [JUL2K6 - Present]:

07/01/06: Retribution moves to the Mal'Ganis server.

Retribution Milestones on the Arthas server [NOV2K4 - JUN2K6]:

03/22/05: 1st and only pre-nerf Onyxia kill on Arthas.
03/26/05: 1st post-nerf Onyxia kill on Arthas.
03/26/05: 1st Lord Kazzak kill on Arthas.
04/30/05: 1st pre-nerf Ragnaros kill on Arthas.
05/31/05: 1st and only slaying of Thrall, during prime EST hours [video]
06/10/05: 1st post-nerf Ragnaros kill on Arthas.
09/29/05: 1st Nefarian kill on Arthas [BWL]
01/10/06: 1st Eranikus kill on Arthas [Scepter quest for AQ]
01/10/06: 1st completion of the Scepter of Shifting Sands [AQ].
04/25/06: 1st North American, US-Guild kill of C'Thun [AQ].
04/26/06: 1st WorldWide All-Server kill of Ouro [AQ].
06/14/06: Retributionforge II: Thrall dies again.


Perhaps our next game? We are very interested in returning to a more PvP-focused game and so far we're all anxiously awaiting all the juicy details about Warhammer which may quite be Retribution's next game. Beta is a long way's off as of this writeup but hopefully we can experience it and help test the product.








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