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Joining Retribution

- Subject to change at a moment's notice -

Retribution is a tight-knit group of hardcore gamers who enjoy doing the impossible day-in and day-out. We are very selective in our recruiting and the journey to becoming a member requires a lot from our prospects but the rewards of joining the fold far outweigh anything else for the few who make it.

We only consider highly-motivated individuals who share our passion for MMOs and World of Warcraft. We want highly-skilled players who desire to do the impossible and are willing to die plenty to obtain it. We seek people who do not give up or complain when things get tough.

You must be an active member of the Mal'Ganis server, be level 70 and have extensive knowledge of your class' roles in PVE and PVP as well as extensive knowledge of the other areas of the game.

Players must be absolutely content with their current character/class and not bitch about how gimped their class is. Players who seek new ways to improve their class constantly are very welcome.

You must be interested in both the PVE (Raiding Content) and PVP aspects of the game equally and be able to actively dedicate yourself to the game as much as we do. Our raiding hours begin at 6:00pm EST until 12:00-1:00am EST typically and if you cannot manage these hours, then Retribution is NOT the right guild for you.

Alternate characters and twinks are acceptable within the guild as long as you do not prefer playing them over your main. You joined as your main and you must answer the guild's call on your main whenever needed, always, without question.

Knowing somebody within the guild who is willing to sponsor you is highly recommended. If you do not know anybody within the guild but still want a shot at joining, we recommend that you post an application and get to know our members so that we, in turn, can get to know you. Remember that first impressions ar every important and at no time do you want to overdo it and be shot down because you annoyed the living heck out of us. The best ways to get to know our members is to instance with us (alts mostly these days) and try to PVP with us in the battlegrounds. Cross server applications are accepted, but risk is on you.

The application process is long and difficult, but membership is for life. In general, applicants will be evaluated over the course of 1 to 2 months to make sure that you possess the skill, knowledge, desire, attitude that we seek. It's a trial of character and dedication.

Guildchat is Rated R, we are not a family guild. If you are offended by the use of profanity, then please do not apply.

Players should not have any outstanding issues and/or unresolved issues with our current membership. If you do, then seek to mend/resolve the issues before you apply.

If you believe that you possess the qualities we seek, then make a post HERE. Tell us about yourself as a person, your RL obligations (work/school/etc), your character (lvel, class, build), your past gaming experience/guilds and tell us why you think you would be a good fit for Retribution.


For current requirements and needs consult this thread.


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