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Nefarian slain
  By Rovell on September 29, 2005

Begin: Big Ass Update

The day has finally come, the venerable Lord Victor Nefarius, aka Nefarian, has fallen before the full might of Retribution.

The demise of Onyxia's twin brother marks the end of our journey through Blackrock Mountain. We now find ourselves in a very familiar position, on the cutting edge, awaiting the next challenge Blizzard throws our way, until then, we'll gladly oblige and keep Nefarian in check.

So what dropped?

Grats Gauss!

Grats Erikson and Soulskill!

Grats 1st Nefarian Disenchant!

So what exactly does the Robes of Transcendence look like? Well Erikson and Soulskill were eager to model their newly acquired dresses:

Just like Onyxia, Nefarian's head can be turned in for a quest reward in Stormwind. Twist was the recipient of our first head. As we arrived in Stormwind, Onyxia's head was hanging from it's usual location. Upon redeeming his reward, Twist allowed Stormwind to suspend the brother's head which resulted in this gem:


Quote of the Day:

Grats 1st kill, 1st disenchanted item!

Good ol' Ragewood looking out for everyone's best interests <3

Opii predicting Nefarion's quote for druids during our learning phase

End: Big Ass Update


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