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Long Overdue Update
  By Soulskill on August 27, 2005

With the release of BWL (Blackwing Lair, Bugwing lagger, Beta-Wing Lair, Bring Warriors [Lots], whatever it stands for..), Retribution has seen a much needed increase in things-to-do. After waiting for server issues to make Razorgore playable, we found it to be a very fun and unique encounter, setting itself apart from the Molten Core encounters just like it needed to.

After quickly dispatching him, we moved on to Vaelastrasz, which proved to be more of a challenge, though our excellent tanks brought him around soon enough. Blessing of Salvation, QQ, etc. The next room was rather amusing - we were expecting an encounter of similar difficulty, and spent a good hour working out a pull. Much to our surprise, it turned out to be a bit of a pushover. The Whelp room, while appearing to be a fun puzzle to begin with, became rather tedious rather quickly. Our aversion to clearing and reclearing motivated us to drop Broodlord Lashlayer on only our second attempt. Prior to our next kill, Namhcir attempted to solo the Broodlord - the fight was close, but in the end only a rogue's quiet bitching about warriors could be heard.

Moving on to the drakes, we found in each a unique problem to solve, requiring different solutions. Our progress was not to be slowed, however, and in the end they proved to be entertaining but not too difficult.

The trash mob packs seemed to be very well designed - increasing in difficulty from beginning to end. Flumox suggested we skip one of them. Fortunately, we decided not to, and that pack dropped an Elementium Ore and 2 random epics! Lesson learned: never listen to Flumox.

Erikson's new 96 dps wand has replaced all of our mages, thus opening up more spots for characters wearing large chunks of metal.

Our attempts on Chromaggus were possibly the hardest wipes this guild has ever taken. He's one mean puppy. We're looking forward to having some time to play with him next week.

Also, we'd like to extend our thanks to <GM>Runtoh and <GM>Vehldane for restoring some loot off a bugged Vaelasrasz corpse.

Loot! -

Transcendence Bindings - Opii
Transcendence Bindings - Emaryn
Giantstalker Bracers - Artax
Netherwind Bracers - Rurin
Judgement Bindings - Callie
Wrath Bracers - Dose
Wrath Bracers - Neans
Bloodfang Bracers - Ralph
Bloodfang Bracers - Tiff
Nemesis Bracers - Jubile
Spineshatter - Wandiwen

Stormrage Belt - Ragewood
Stormrage Belt - Mothi
Stormrage Belt - Taleron
Stormrage Belt - Noctuidae
Dragonstalker Belt - Artax
Judgement Belt - Helious
Netherwind Belt - Wildstyle
Belt of Wrath - Wandiwen

Bloodfang Boots - Tiff
Bloodfang Boots - Synapse
Sabatons of Wrath - Arizonn
Dragonstalker Greaves - Defrag

Judgement Gauntlets - Avalon
Stormrage Handguards - Ragewood

Mind Quickening Gem - Papashlaper
Rune of Metamorphosis - Ragewood
Rune of Metamorphosis - Hexy
Arcane Infused Gem - Legault
The Black Book - Joey

Band of Dark Dominion - Joey
Dragon's Touch - Erikson
Drakefire Talisman - Namhcir
Taut Dragonhide Belt - Hexy
Essence Gatherer - Opii
Cloak of Firemaw - Shadesong
Pendant of the Fallen Dragon - Taldaine
Black Brood Pauldrons - Legault
Bracers of Arcane Accuracy - Quella

Quotes of the Day:

LFG AV1! invite for AV1, Noct! someone inviting for AV1?!


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