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The world wants to know... how far is Ret in Naxx?
  By Rovell on July 28th, 2006, 9:00 PM EST

Retribution's Progress in Naxxramas:

We've been working very hard these past couple of weeks in Naxxramas. We haven't been updating because quite frankly, only one boss matters. The order in which the others die have no bearing on the end-outcome at least in our eyes.

With that said, we decided it was time to show our progress as well as one of the most difficult encounters Retribution has ever seen PERIOD.

You can view the movie here: Enjoy it.

ps: Retforge II will release soon, I finally received the footage from the other members who filmed and I can finally complete the work~


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Ahn`Qiraj Era
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Blacking Lair Era
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Molton Core Era
06-01-2005: Sulfuras Forged
05-31-2005: Orgrimmar + Thrall kill
05-19-2005: Undercity/Thunderbluff
04-30-2005: Ragnaros kill
04-18-2005: Webhost change
04-04-2005: Ragnaros, Quel'Serrar
03-26-2005: Lord Kazzak kill
03-18-2005: Majordomo Executus
03-16-2005: Onyxia kill
03-07-2005: Sulfuron Harbinger kill
03-06-2005: MC "6-in-1" Night kills
03-05-2005: Golemagg kill
03-04-2005: Garr kill
02-26-2005: Shazzrah kill
02-24-2005: Magmadar kill
02-13-2005: Onyxia Progress
02-08-2005: Onyxia Phase 2
01-30-2005: Lucifron kill
01-29-2005: Arthas' Ugliest Person
01-17-2005: Website Launch



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