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Thrall dead, Orgrimmar renamed to Retributionforge
  By Rovell on May 31, 2005

The mighty Thrall, Warchief of the Horde has fallen before the might of Retribution as we invaded and destroyed Orgrimmar tonight, taking but a moment to rename the place Retributionforge.

Less than two weeks ago, we carried out attacks on Lady Sylvanas of the Undercity and Cairne WhatTheHoof of Thunderbluff with minimal resistance. People claimed these two capitals were too far and not worth the trouble to mobilize to. When our Thrall attempt was thwarted last week, they claimed that Thrall would never die during Prime Time hours because the Horde would respond in Orgrimmar. Empty words all of them.

Kudos to those who actually did show up and fight, shame on the rest who sat idly by and even more shame on those who plastered the boards with their "we don't care that Thrall died" comments. A perfect opportunity for some large scale PVP and all you whiners on the boards sought out excuses to justify your inaction. This is not aimed at those who were in MC at the time, just those who sat idly by and then made the comments =p

A video of tonight's events can be viewed here, also available in our media section.


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