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Looking ahead
  By Rovell on May 19, 2005

With the fall of the great Fire Lord Ragnaros in the hallowed core beneath Blackrock Mountain, Retribution has come full circle in terms of End-Game PVE content currently implemented in the game.

Recent Ragnaros Loot:
· Band of Accuria - Andro
· Choker of the Fire Lord - Jaltino
· Cloak of Shrouded Mist - Namhcir
· Crown of Destruction - Mikoi

· Dragon's Blood Cape - Arizonn
· Dragon's Blood Cape - Wandiwen
· Perdition's Blade - Larehtiz
· Perdition's Blade
- Tiff
· Spinal Reaper - Remedie

· Bloodfang Legs - Nico
Dragonstalker Legs - Blacob
Dragonstalker Legs - Legault
Dragonstalker Legs - Mikoi
Judgement Legs - Avalon
Judgement Legs - Baldur
Judgement Legs - Helious
Transcendence Legs - Opii

So what is left for us to do when everything else is dead? How about the three Horde City Leaders? This past Monday we planned and carried out attacks against Thunderbluff's Cairne Bloodhoof, Undercity's Lady Sylvanas and Orgrimmar's Thrall. We were successful in our first two attacks, downing the cow and the lady, but our plans for a surprise Thrall attack were ruined when Quella's alcohol addiction gave us away ("Quella is tipsy") and within moments we were overrun by all of Orgrimmar.

We started out with a quick hit in Thunderbluff, hoping that once Cairne was shown a dirt nap that the Horde would be on alert for their other remaining leaders:

Cairne went down with little resistance as only a couple Horde showed up. It was particularly funny watching Desdel try to AE our raid without flagging himself.

Once Cairne was dispatched, we headed to the Undercity:

Lady Sylvanas put up a good fight that lasted a good dozen minutes with about a dozen at it's peak Horde just standing by and watching us kill their leader.

Once Lady Sylvanas dead, we killed her Dreadlord companion: Varimathras, hello Lord Kazzak junior.

Afterwards, we headed to Orgrimmar for Thrall but as mentioned earlier, his death is for another time.

Overall verdict? Very nice change of pace, was a lot of fun and we hope to see more Horde out defending the next time we strike your Capital Cities.

Bring on Battlegrounds, we're all anxiously awaiting them.

Quotes of the Day:

WTB Namhcir some SLEEP.

So crude...


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