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Ragnaros Defeated!
  By Rovell on April 30, 2005

*shock* Ragnaros defeated in a place other than Unknown Zone

Retribution's journey through Molten Core has finally come to an end after several months of work with the death of the mighty Ragnaros. While we may not be the first or second guild or even the sixth in World of Warcraft to defeat the Fire Lord, we are extremely thrilled with every member who contributed to the slaying.

What's funny is we started the night with Sulfuron Harbinger, downing him effortlessly, then Arizonn went and joined The Heroes Alliance and it cursed us: we wiped on Golemagg the Incinerator... rofl what shame, what shame... We regrouped, destroyed Golemagg, gave Executus a dirtnap then proceeded to slap the living hell out of Ragnaros.

The loot? Yea you aren't here to read about writeups, you folks want the loot, well here it is:

Grats Larehtiz!

Grats Wandiwen!

Tier 2 Set: Ragnaros Loot:
Leggings of Transcendence - Opii
Dragonstalker Legguards - Legault




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