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C'Thun down, 3rd Worldwide Kill, 1st North American Kill
  By Rovell on April 25, 2006, 11:50pm EST

Retribution has defeated C'Thun.

We've been Phase 2 on C'Thun since February 24th. We've invested a lot of time, effort and heart into this encounter over the past months and it's a damn shame that the encounter was cockblocked to begin with. All that hard work materialized into something special tonight with our fastest ever clearing of AQ40.

We'd like to thank everybody who's helped us along the way. To every single person who helped us farm rep in Silithus when we were working on the Scepter quest, on behalf of all of Retribution, we'd like to say Thank You!

We'd very much like to close the chapter on this dungeon but we still have work to do (Ouro, Viscidus) with two bosses we haven't really bothered with yet but now become our main focus.

Grats Gauss!

Grats Mylek!

Grats Maniac!

Grats Nucular!

Grats Ralph!


PS: If you don't see our flash banner, update your Macromedia Flash Player to version 8 and it should fix it =)


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