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The fury of Ragnaros unleashed
  By Rovell on April 4, 2005

Majordomo pulled to unknown zone, Ragnaros isn't happy.

With a lack of anything better to do since Blizzard fixed the respawn timers with the Molten Core and Onyxia instances so that the bosses don't repop on a server reset anymore, we decided to give another serious crack at Majordomo Executus with the hopes of summoning Ragnaros.

Our efforts were not wasted as Majordomo was dealt with in the most harsh of manners, not once, but twice: The first assbeat of the night was courtesy of yours truely. Majordomo, defeated and sulking, issued us one last challenge to meet him in his master's lair and who are we to say no to such an invitation. Upon our arrival, Majordomo Executus summoned his very cranky superior, Ragnaros... which lead to Majordomo's second assbeat in a couple of minutes as Ragnaros executed his servant.

What a great feeling to finally summon this beast. After everyone got the screenshots they wanted, we made a very half-assed attempt at the fiery ball of destruction and we managed a meager 87%

In other news, Ret completes Arthas' first Quel'Sarrar.

We completed Arthas' first Quel'Sarrar with this slaying of Onyxia and made one little dwarf named Taldaine extremely happy. Congratulations Tal, well done. That's one sweet weapon.

Onyxia loot:
Onyxia Tooth Pendant - Arizonn
Netherwind Crown - Gauss
Leggings of Might - Dis'd

Lord Kazzak loot:
Doomhide Gauntlets - Andro
Doomhide Gauntlets - Origin
Amberseal Keeper - Kurumi

Meanwhile back at the The Farm

Cenarion Gloves - Seren
Judgement Bindings - Baldur
Breastplate of Might - Morthul
Dragonstalker's Belt - Dis'd
Golemagg the Incinerator
Prophecy Robe - Twist
Cenarion Helm - Kurumi
Nightslayer Gloves - Synapse
Arcanist Gloves - Sedro
Baron Geddon
Seal of the Archmagus - Twist
Sulfuron Harbinger
Felheart Slippers - Zitheral
Gutgore Ripper - Nico
Netherwind Belt - Rurin
Lawbringer Leggings - Sankte
Random Yard Trash
Belt of Might - Wandiwen
Nightslayer Belt - Synapse

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