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The weekend of pure farmage
  By Rovell on March 26, 2005

Lord Kazzak slain

This weekend proved to be extremely fruitful for Retribution. Having cleared all 8 bosses in Molten Core in record time on Friday night, we left the confines of The Core to lay waste to Lord Kazzak, the new demon boss, in Blasted Lands.

When it comes to determining who walks the walk and who is all talk, Retribution has proven once again that we not only walk the walk but we stomp all over the nay-sayers.

Lord Kazzak loot:
Empyrean Demolisher - Andro
Amberseal Keeper - Vexi

Stormwind decorated

Onyxia was slain once again; she's definitely farm-status now. We got to experience the new Onyxia quest as well as we decorated the Gates of Stormwind with Onyxia's severed head.

Definitely a fun show to experience for those who were present. Click on the above picture for a nice shot of our raiders.

Onyxia loot:
Dragonslayer's Signet - Sedro
Helm of Wrath - Moloch
Leggings of Might - Morthul

The Farm

What can we say that hasn't been said about the existing 8 bosses in Molten Core? We were extremely hungry for kills as the bosses never respawned for us (14 days) until Blizzard reset everyone's timers due to a bug. We didn't spawn Majordomo this weekend, we will probably do it next weekend.

Cenarion Gloves - Noctuidae
Judgement Bindings - Avalon
Med. Steadfast Might - Remedie
Dragonstalker's Belt - Legault
Golemagg the Incinerator
Felheart Skullcap - Narwe
Cenarion Helm - Noctuidae
Waistband of Wrath - Arizonn
Bracelets of Wrath - Remedie
Baron Geddon
Lawbringer Boots - Sankte
Sulfuron Harbinger
Felheart Slippers - Narwe
Lawbringer Legplates - Mykos
Felheart Shoulderpads - Joey
Random Yard Trash
Felheart Belt - Zitheral

Quotes of the Day:

No comment!

Twist in denial...


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