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Onyxia falls to Retribution
  By Rovell on March 16, 2005

Ahhh... the sweet sound and smell of victory. Onyxia fell to Retribution tonight, another Arthas first, in what was an epic battle that put our determination, resolve and will to win to the test. We've had many battles with the vile dragon in the past, some very close encounters, all of which ended in us walking away to fight another day. Well not tonight.

Very fun encounter and Retribution looks forward to farming Onyxia on a regular basis now that we've perfected our strategy.

Onyxia dropped 3 epics for us:

Stormrage Cover - Ragewood
Dragonstalker Helm - Mikoi
Boots of Transcendence - Konig

It's been a very good week for us, we've taken full advantage of this past weekend's server resets to farm the bejeebus out of Molten Core, here's a list of the loot we walked away with since our last update:

Pauldrons of Might - Nixes
Felheart Gloves - Narwe
Judgement Bindings - Miranda
Crimson Shocker - Mylek
Arcanist Robe - Rurin
Arcanist Robe - Nucular
Nightslayer Pants - Namhcir
Nightslayer Pants - Disenchanted
Judgement Sabatons - Miranda
Golemagg the Incinerator
Bloodfang Bracers - Andro
Bloodfang Bracers - Origin
Nightslayer Gloves - Origin
Nightslayer Gloves - Namhcir
Arcanist Boots - Mylek
Robes of Prophecy - Rovell
Bracelets of Wrath - Moloch
Bracelets of Wrath - Wandiwen
Judgement Belt - Miranda
Baron Geddon
Cenarion Leggings - Vexi
Seal of the Archmagus - Rovell
Seal of the Archmagus - Mylek
Sulfuron Harbinger
Cenarion Spaulders - Ragewood
Nightslayer Bracelets - Synapse
Lawbringer Legplates - Baldur
Prophecy Gloves - Opii
Nightslayer Cowl - Namhcir
Netherwind Belt - Sphynxx
Random Yard Trash
Arcanist Bindings - Gauss
Giantstalker Bracers - Blacob
Prophecy Girdle - Opii
Prophecy Vambraces - Briq
Prophecy Vambraces - Inc to an AH near you soon!

Quotes of the Day:

Nobody can un-gay THA! sorry =( <3 THA

The reason why Mikoi is a regular @

WTS The DragonSlayer! <3

Starting a pool to see how long this guy keeps his name!

SpiderP is from the mean streets y0!~ recognize and respect!

It was bound to happen sooner or later:


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