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Retribution's first "6 in 1" night
  By Rovell on March 6, 2005

A new day brought forth a new kill for Retribution as we downed Gehennas, leaving Sulfuron Harbinger and Majordomo Executus as the only remaining bosses between Ragnaros and our blood thirsty crew.

We were quite efficient tonight in what was another first for us as we plowed through and collected loot from six different bosses. Total haul for the night = 10 epiks(tm), bringing us to 18 drops over our past two raids.

Pauldrons of Might - Remedie
Felheart Gloves - Zitheral
Arcanist Robe - Sphynxx
Nightslayer Pants - Synapse
Lawbringer Legplates - Baldur
Prophecy Gloves - Opii
Bracelets of Wrath - Arizonn
Baron Geddon
Lawbringer Boots - Baldur
Random Yard Trash
Felheart Bracers - Narwe
Nightslayer Bracelets - Synapse

Quotes of the Day:

Thanks for volunteering!

Damn... 2 sweet Origin quotes in a couple days

He means in a happy kind of way we think!


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