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Ripping through Molten Core
  By Rovell on March 5, 2005

Ahhh Saturday, how we love Saturday. This past Saturday night, Retribution returned to Molten Core to finish what we began on Friday before our raid was abruptly ended due to Blizzard's stellar server reliability.

It was a night to remember. We nailed Baron Geddon on our first attempt. The Baron fight is a pretty cool fight, very dynamic and it's extremely satisfying watching people blow up and bring down a ton of people around them. Zitheral scored Nemesis Spaulders and Ragewood pilfured Cenarion Leggings from the charred carcass.

After Baron Geddon, we worked our way up towards Golemagg the Incinerator. This was our first ever attempt at Golemagg and we weren't quite sure what to expect. We laid out our battle plan and everyone executed their roles perfectly; the result? Retribution: 1, Golemagg the Incinirator: 0. I have to say, you really have to be there and see it for yourself to get an idea of how massive this guy is, he's huge...

Nico won Bloodfang Bracers, Rurin walked away with a new set of Arcanist Slippers and Legault was the happy recipient of Giantstalker Epaulets.

After Golemagg, we fiddled with Sulfuron Harbinger a little, he'll die very soon. Shazzrah died tonight as well, Nico scored Bloodfang Belt. We also picked up some loot from random Yard Trash: Lawbringer Belt which went to Baldur and Vambraces of Prophecy which were banked for now.

Eight (8) Epiks(tm) drops to show for a couple hours of work!

For those keeping tabs, let's recapitulate shall we?

Lucifron: Defeated
Magmadar: Defeated
Shazzrah: Defeated
Garr: Defeated
Baron Geddon: Defeated
Golemagg The Incinirator: Defeated

That leaves us with Gehennas, Sulfuron Harbinger and Majordomo Executus before we can spawn Ragnaros. Expect Gehennas and Sulfuron Harbinger to die shortly so that we can have a crack at Majordomo. Once we seal Majordomo's fate, only Ragnaros himself will stand between Retribution and our plan for world domination.

Quote of the Day:

Why yes, yes you can, fill out a McApplication asap!


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