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[SERVER SHUTDOWN] 15 minutes...
  By Rovell on March 4, 2005

Server Stability. Two words that Blizzard has no clear concept of and two words that Arthas' customer base can only dream of.

Our plans to take over the world experienced a hiccup tonight as we were hoping to tear through some new bosses in Molten Core. The good news is that we downed a new boss in the MC: Garr.

It was honestly a thing of beauty, with our refined strategy and everyone's flawless execution, we got our first kill on Garr on our first try tonight.

Narwe walked away with Felheart Shoulderpads and Origin scored a Nightslayer Cover from Garr's remains. We also picked up a Bracers of Might on the way in, Morthul was the lucky recipient.

Earlier in the week, this past Wednesday to be precise, Retribution took another crack at Onyxia. It wasn't meant to be however as Onyxia eluded us all by hiding under the world on our 3rd attempt of the night. We opened a ticket with Blizzard's stellar Award Winning Customer Service and 4 hours later we got a response. Clearly the best advice ever, considering that we can tell if Onyxia is under the terrain because she'll be VISIBLE IN HER LAIR. Yea thanks Semajo! =/

It was still early, around 9:30ish, so we had our merry band of raiders head to Molten Core. We were all angry and disappointed with the Onyxia issue that everything sort of fell into place. 83 minutes from the time we zoned into Molten Core, we had both Lucifron and Magmadar down. Ragewood got a new pair of Cenarion Gloves from Luci. Blacob won Striker's Mark and Mikoi got Dragonstalker's Belt from Magmadar.

Earlier in the week, Magmadar dropped Dragonstalker's Belt for Blacob and Breastplate of Might for Wandiwen. Lucifron surrendered a Choker of Enlightment for Twist.

In other BREAKING NEWS, here's a screenshot of Retribution's first Stratholme clearing back in early december! OMG!!!

Quotes of the Day:

What is that sound? Ah yes, the sound of every girl's heart breaking =/

The secret to Retribution's success! We clearly couldn't manage as horde.


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