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Shazzrah dead, Baron Geddon Progress
  By Rovell on February 26, 2005

We returned to Molten Core tonight to find Lucifron and Magmadar had respawned and we weren't going to pass on a chance at Free Loot so we stopped by to say HAI! Lucifron dropped a pair of Cenarion Gloves for Mikoto. Magmadar gave Retribution it's second Arcanist Robes that Sedro ninja'd so he could match Gauss' splendor (quite fab!!). We also got Nightslayer Pants from Magmadar, Grachus picked those up.

Yard Trash dropped Felheart Bracers for Zitheral as well.

Speaking of Free Loot, we fought and killed Shazzrah tonight for the first time. When people say that he's Free Loot, they sure aren't joking, talk about rolling over and giving us his drops for little effort. Kaukenas scored some Judgement Bindings from what was left of his defiled corpse.

If anybody is keeping count, that's 5 epic drops for a couple hours of work. Not too shabby of a haul tonight.

After Shazzrah we set up to give Baron Geddon a try. By now we had a fraction of our raid force left. We got the Baron to 41%. Looking forward to our next fight this week with him, he'll die hard~

PS: it's a darn shame Blizzard hotfixed Living Bomb, our Warlocks were hoping to help the lag situation in Ironforge.. oh well!

Quote of the Day:

You heard it here first ladies and gentlemen!


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