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Magmadar eats dirt
  By Rovell on February 24, 2005

Tonight we slayed Magmadar in good old Retribution fashion. It was our first but definitely not our last kill of this beast. Magmadar is Molten Core's gatekeeper of sorts; the gates have opened and the riches of Molten Core await our merry band of pillagers in the days to come.

I have to admit that it's a nice change having 40 people along for the ride, stuff dies so much easier and faster!

Congratutions to Gauss on the Arcanist Robes, Wandiwen on the Medallion of Steadfast Might and Miranda on the Earthshaker. Lucifron dropped some Prophecy Boots for Opii, our 3rd pair in our last 4 kills.

In related news, Gauss continues his fashion rampage with his newly acquired baby teal-blue robe. From what we've seen on the world wide intraweeb so far, the other set's robes are as hideous!

Lets all take a moment to give Blizzard a nice round of applause for this fugly crap that we must now look at every single raid.

Now the question remains... what colour shirt will Gauss wear with his new digs???

/golfclap Blizzard

We're all anxious to go back to the Core. If it wasn't so late, we could of had a few more tries at Gehennas tonight but that's for another day.


Quotes of the Day:

Retribution, Guild of AFKers and Slackers Part 1

I like evil!

TMI =/

Deathstriker withdrawel, hang in there Syn!


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