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AQ40 Day 4 - Twin Emps defeated
  By Rovell on February 20, 2006

What an end to the weekend and a beginning to the week and in only four days worth of Ahn'Qiraj to boot.

This evening, at roughly 11:00pm EST, after racing to the Twin Emps over the course of the weekend, we finally downed them in grand style and it felt damn good having all the effort poured in pay off.

This is a victory but it is not something we're going to stop and celebrate beyond the minutes of euphoria in-game, it's just another piece of the puzzle towards our overall goal of not only killing C'Thun but also killing Viscidus and Ouro.

Emperor Vek'Lor:

Grats Kagnos!

Grats Disenchant!

Emperor Vek'nilash:

Grats Soulskill!

Grats Kathya (Jander)!

Once loot was done we pressed onwards, clearing new types of trash on our way to this sand worm that promptly handed us our asses on a silver platter, Ouro:

The Ouro encounter looks exceptionally fun and we can't wait to have more time to actually try it properly. We decided not to spend that time there tonight as it was getting late and everybody wanted to see if we could get to C'Thun, so we continued working towards it:

At first glance, C'Thun hurts bad, very very bad...

Yup you read that right.. the person in that damage screenshot (Helious) resisted HALF and was still hit for over 5 million damage... HAHA!

Verdict? Thumbs up for AQ40 so far. Very refreshing to have fights that are actually involving and dynamic. Good job with the encounters Blizzard, now fix our damn server lag already so that we can enjoy the new content properly ;)

Quotes of the Day:

What is Soccer Practice you may ask? Well it's Nico's theme song and among the most requested songs played during's Nico's DJ Sessions on Ventrilo! Download it here and see for yourself!



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