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Onyxia and more Molten Core
  By Rovell on February 8, 2005

Onyxia Airborne

After several weeks of farming UBRS for General Drakkisath's blood for our amulets, this past weekend we gathered our forces and marched into Onyxia's Lair.

We were set on learning as much as we could about the encounter and in our first crack at the villain Dragon, we watched as Onyxia took flight as she prepared for her second phase of attacks.

We're quite confident we have what it takes to best Onyxia and we will be exploring the later stages this week as well.

What *NOT* to do during an Onyxia Raid: Our battle video.
(Right-Click and "Save As", really don't recommend streaming the video)

Note: Our Media page is now updated with the movie as well.

More Molten Core

After a night full of unfortunate bad luck on Monday, Tuesday's Molten Core outing was a lot more productive. With our usual 30 raiders, we defeated Lucifron and finally scored a drop off him. We've been terribly unlucky so far with 0 drops from yard trash in all of our raids so far, so Lucifron's drop was our first epic drop. Grats to Xanthos on Boots of Prophecy.

We got a few cracks at Magmadar tonight as well. Still lots to learn about the encounter and 30 isn't going to cut it, we'll try with more soon.

Joining Retribution: Class Desireability Chart updated

We've updated our Class Desireability Chart for certain classes. Head on over to our Joining page to read if you are interested in joining our Guild.

Random Quotes of the Day:

Vexi just loves his silk shirts and silver chains!

Everybody wants to be a rogue

We really do love Nico!


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