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News you need
  By Rovell on January 29, 2005

Have you stopped and asked yourself what the folks over in Retribution are up to these days?

Neither have we really but in case you have; In between our bugged Molten Core runs, UBRS farming and making little Horde children cry, there hasn't really been much that has been newsworthy so far...

... That is until now.

Arthas' Ugliest People

I'm going to start a little bit here on the news that i'll do every so often.

Think of it as a talent search of sorts. I'll be looking for "Arthas' Ugliest People".

I'd like to stress that I'll be looking for people's characters only. Not interested in anything else at the moment, no RL pics but that's not something to be completely ruled out for the future, who knows!

I'll be searching for Arthas' worst personally, alliance/horde, there are no real limitations.

This week's winner is this hottie I came across in Ironforge: Catffana.

I'm not sure who this person is or what their purpose was in Ironforge but "Hot" she is most definitely "Not."

Given the circumstances, she was nice enough to strike a pose when I asked her to model for me!

Anyways, to set up this next picture, I'd like to introduce everyone to Xanthos, one of our Priests. Xanthos is a master of the skinning trade and boasts 300 skill. Impressive is it not? Clearly. While on one of our UBRS farming sessions, The Beast dropped "Finkle's Skinner". The dagger has +10 cap to skinning, giving the bearer of the weapon a possible 310 skinning skill. 310 is required to skin The Beast. Well, we gave the dagger to Xanthos, hoping we'd mix things up and change our luck and maybe score a Pristine hide... the following happened...

For those wondering, Xanthos did go and train in daggers and he can now joyfully skin The Beast for us, woah.. Hasn't changed our luck yet with pristine drops however =)

Random Quote of the Day:

That's a wrap, hopefully something newsworthy soon! WTB Battlegrounds please!


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